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Welcome To My Website.

I'm Barbie Figueroa.

You May Know Me From My Youtube Channel (formerly mybigphatcomeback) , or perhaps we know each other from Facebook. You may be a family member, or a friend, you may have just landed on my site for the very first time.

Whatever the Reason for your Visit today, I want to Thank You!  Sharing Your Weightloss and personal struggles online is not easy to do, so I thank you for your Grace and Kindness as you read the words on my blog. 

They are sometimes difficult to share but I know that if I can just touch one person's heart, I can potentially help them change their life.

But I don't just write about  my struggles! That would be depressing! =) I also blog about programs I'm doing, the stuff I'm learning, success stories and I also tend to get Goofy at times as well =)​

I am not a nutritionist, a fitness expert, I don't know all the Math behind the calories or how many grams of carbs you should be consuming. That's why I use Programs that have already been created by experts, which you can learn more about here.​

All I am is a 43 Year Old Girl (yes I am still a kid at heart) whose struggled with weight, self image, self belief, self discipline, self love and all those other 'Self-Limiting' stuff that many of us deal with...



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